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EPS provides project management consulting services to the Asian markets across all industries; mainly Oil and Gas (offshore and onshore), petrochemical, and power industries. Our technical professionals are motivated, highly qualified and experienced.

The main difference between us and our competition is that we seek to provide practical and actionable solutions (instead of just theoretical answers) to our clients’ challenges.

We are committed to providing services that are of the highest quality for our Clients, creating added value for their business through our technical advice and support - managing risk, operating safely, in a sustainable way and optimising performance.

Although each client has unique needs and goals, they return to EPS because of our reputation for reliability. We have a reputation for on time delivery within budgets. With several successful projects, we have the experience, resources and credentials to meet the most demanding requirements.

Professionalism and integrity

EPS operates in cooperation with partner organizations, in order to support them in improving their performance in terms of innovation and sustainability. We provide project management consulting services to the highest professional level and through a highly qualified staff, in full compliance with the standards of transparency and confidentiality. Our added value is the close relationship with the clients and the sharing of their same goals, aware of the contribution that together we can bring to innovation and sustainable growth of the market.

Focus On People

Since its beginning, EPS nurtured multi-disciplinary teams with expanded capabilities who have undertaken varied and complex endeavours in a range of worldwide projects. We believe that the strength of our company resides in the quality of our personnel and in the ability to assemble specific multi-disciplinary teams, as required by each project to fulfil customers’ needs.

Our Vision

To be the global centre of excellence in the provision of project management consulting. 
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